Can we say Happy Holidays already? The year has flown buy BUT like always we at the Spec Ops Group have you covered yet again with our amazing gift boxes starting at only $20 and 1 only 1 $1000 box for paintball and airsoft!!!

With gifts ranging from patches, pods, paintballs, bb's, rifles, pistols, tac vest, paintball markers, gift cards and LOADS more!

Get yours before they run out!

Its the weekend operators! Tournament Time! Its the Slaugterhouse first official Tournament and you get to prove who the best operators in Indiana are. This will be an official R.U.S.H. sanctioned event thus your units score will be entered into the R.U.S.H. database for year end prizes. Points will also go towards individual rankings and help with overall discounts unlocked with rank. 

Latest News

Indoor facility is up and running just in time for our lovely winter months! The Indoor named "The SlaughterHouse" is a CQB format with 2 levels featuring, Russian Disco, Naval Yard with ship, Crack House, Cooler Room and what would it be without a FratHouse! Enhanceing the game play is, strobe lights, body bags, UV lights, smoke machines, lasers, a full surround sound system, with artillarry fire, choppers, sirens, EDM music and even Country!


Proud to announce that we sport the VALKEN BATTLE MACHINES as rental guns for our CQB field and will also be the main weapon of choice at the Outdoor Park opening early 2016. We also carry the full Airsoft and Valken Paintball line but not limited too.